From San Jose, CA. Dr. Glass graduated from San Jose State University in 1974. After graduating from the University of Pacific, College of Dental care in 1977, He acted as a Police officer in the United States Military Dental Corps in Europe for three years. He returned to the Bay Location and opened his secret oral technique in 1981.

Dr. Glass as well as his wife, Linda, have three children. Two have finished from university, and also one is still in university. Dr. Glass

Dr. Glass thoroughly enjoys his job as a Dental professional. It permits him to offer an enhancement in the quality of the lives of his patients daily.

To offer one of the most advanced and also detailed oral care, Dr. Glass has gained many hours of proceeding education. He is dedicated to giving the most innovative care for his individuals. He proceeded his studies through specialist organizations and coursed in sophisticated dentistry. Dr. Glass is a skilled CEREC company and also has carried out over 3000 CEREC treatments.